A simple quick win for your business – stop advertising

Stop Advertising

Outrageous! I hear you say. Before you burn me at the stake just hear me out for a minute.
The best way for any business to improve their bottom line quickly and easily is to stop advertising. To clarify this I mean “stop spending money on advertising that doesn’t work.”

Every year businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising or marketing that doesn’t work. The only problem is that they don’t know that it doesn’t work. The tracking systems of most small businesses are so poor they can’t tell whether that ad in the newspaper or on the radio actually made them any money.

Many small businesses have been brain washed by advertising agencies that say it takes up to 8 times for your ad to start working. That is B.S. They do it so they can generate commission from signing you up long term for advertising programs with the newspaper or radio.

By doing this they give away all responsibility for the failure of the ad, although they would be happy to take the credit if it works. You know what? If you are advertising correctly using direct response principles, you will know within 72 hours whether that advertising message worked for you or not. The trickle effect after that time is almost non existent.

Why would you even bother running the same advertisment in the same media if the response was poor? I just don’t get it. Try and improve the message by tweaking the offer or the headline. Something measurable. Then run the ad again and see how you go.

Just by being smart and taking control of your own marketing will save your business truck loads of money. After all, who knows your business best? You.

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