What I learnt from Body Trim

What I learnt from body trim

I’m not sure whether this is an Australian only product. By far the best advert on television at the moment is that advert for Body Trim. Body Trim is a weight loss product and it is broadcast in heavy viewing times through the day. Not being hidden at night time or inside an infomercial on a mid morning mothers show.

What is great about this advert? The best thing about this advert is that it is not what you’d call image advertising or brand advertising. It is a model direct response advert.

To sell the product it clearly displays the features and more importantly the benefits of the product. It has a clear call to action with a free call phone number and website address, it has a fast action bonus and it has an unbelievably strong guarantee.

The guarantee in fact, is lose 5kg in the 1st week or you won’t pay a cent for the product. That is a great guarantee isn’t it? I’m not privy to the stats of that campaign but I can guarantee two things:

1. Refunds on the product will increase due to the offer but
2. The sales increase with this offer will outweigh the refund rate by far

The combination of these two things = massive profit

The great thing about direct response advertising is that it is measurable. In traditional or image advertising we have no idea whether that tv ad or radio spot lead directly to a sale. Why? Because you didn’t directly ask for the sale via a measurable call to action.

I’m man enough to admit that Coca Cola or Ford won’t be reading this article. So I’ll say that 99% of all businesses should be focusing on direct response advertising and nothing else. Only dispensable marketing dollars or luxury dollars should possibly be spent on this advertising and even then I don’t see the point.

Small businesses need marketing that they pay $1 for and they receive a $2 or $3 return even before the cheque for the advertising clears. That’s how direct and measurable it needs to be.

Take a good product, with an irresistable offer to a hungry market and ask for the sale. That is what I learnt from Body Trim.

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