Your 3 Keys To Growth In 2012

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I might be a little late to the party, but it’s still January so I’d thought I’d copy everyone else and give you my foresight into 2012 and the online marketing of your business.

Like many people, I use the holiday period to unwind and “get altitude” on what I’m doing. I move from the day to day things to the big picture and strategy. So this post is going to focus on the strategy and away from the tactics. I’m sorry if you thought I was going to tell you the latest tactic to beat Google once and for all. Here it goes:

Growth Key Number 1 – A USP

Perform an autopsy of your current business and marketing and ask yourself this question: Why should people do business with me above all the other options they have…including doing nothing?

I consult with business owners regularly and they are not doing anything pre emptive and distinctive. In fact, in most industries you could swap the logos and the phone numbers on all the websites and no one would know the difference. Their message is exactly the same. Plain Vanilla. Price, Service, Dependability.

I urge you to get strategic and answer the question above so you can position your business to have the best product, best guarantee, best support or protection and really make your client or customer believe that you are the only viable option.

Growth Key Number 2 – Focus

This is the key to major breakthroughs. Management great Peter Drucker says that business is about two things: Marketing and Innovation. Until you are focusing on those two things than you merely have a job and not a business. Too many people like to pass off the strategic side of their business to a creative agency.

If you own a hairdressing salon you are in the business of marketing hair services. Not doing hair. All businesses are about marketing. If you are stuck doing the job then at least give yourself sometime to think critically about your marketing and focus on it. If you focus on marketing and innovation then you will be in different place in 12 months time.

Growth Key Number 3 – Embrace Change

If you are not growing you are dying is the old saying. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and try new things. Think in terms of optimisation. Everything you are currently doing now can probably be done better. Significantly better. Don’t rest or settle for a particular result, a particular way of doing things.

I heard a story once about a full page ad that was running in the Los Angeles Times. The ad initially did quite well, yielding about $30,000 every time it ran. Everyone was happy. One change in the headline, around 3 words brought about a change of nearly 1000%. That means now when the ad ran it made around $250,000 – $300,000. All by making one simple change. Call what you are doing now the baseline. Test tiny and inexpensive things to raise the baseline.

Combine these 3 growth keys together in your business and I bet you can have exponential growth in 2012. I’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you have.


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  1. Des
    2652 days ago

    Great post mate.

    I think growth is the key for any business, no matter what size. I truly believe that you’re in the sales and marketing business first and then whatever you MAIN business niche is second. This ensures maximum effort for growth.

    The amount of business owners I speak to that don’t have a clear marketing plan or strategy going forward is scary!

    I agree with your last point. It’s always good test campaigns on a regualr basis. We may not be talking the same numbers as you wrote, but any increase in the bottom line is a welcome one!



    • admin
      2652 days ago

      Hi Des,

      Thanks for stopping by. Totally agree with your statement “you’re in the sales and marketing business first and then whatever you MAIN business niche is second.” That’s a great comment for people to remember.