It’s Not About Google Instant

In this past month Google has unveiled a new search feature known as Google Instant. For those unaware this means that Google dynamically provides search results as you are typing your query into the search box. This is done using a predictive algorithim based on previous search data.

Previously a results page would only be displayed once the search term has been finished and the enter key pressed. Will this hurt the Google rankings of your business?

Nick Bielawski from explains that “the rankings of your website won’t be affected for any specific search terms. The one major drawback that I can see is that if a person is searching for a 3-4 word phrase than the person may find results suitable after placing only 2-3 of the words into the search engine.”

For example if a person is searching for the term “Melbourne Tax Accountant” they may be happy with the search results returned live for “Melbourne Tax” and never make it to the search results for “Melbourne Tax Accountant.”

“The upside to this is that the people who do get the results for “Melbourne Tax Accountant” will be more qualified buyers as they are really searching for a more specific phrase instead of the more general “Melbourne Tax.”

This is great news for businesses as the people visiting their site and talking to their sales team will be even more targeted for businesses. Thus further improving conversions and ultimately profit for your business.

For a fascinating interview, call Nick Bielawski at 0410066868

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