Can Social Media Work For Local Businesses?

Social Media continues to flourish in today’s society. Millions of people are connecting to each other at warp speed and thousands more are joining the trend by signing up to these sites every day. In fact, it was recently revealed that if Facebook were a country then it would be the 3rd most populated country in the world.

The larger corporations have already made the transition to social media but is it worthwhile for smaller businesses? Nick Bielawski from explains that “social media can be a powerful tool if used correctly. The public use social media to interact with friends and people with similar interests. Instead of playing those time consuming applications business owners should use functions like Twitter search, Facebook pages (formerly fan pages) and Facebook groups to communicate with people who are interested in their market.”

“For example Twitter search can be used to listen to what people are saying about a product or an industry and conversation can be stimulated with potential prospects. It is a great market research tool where you can essentially eave’s drop on your prospects and then provide or develop a targeted solution.”

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