A SEO Lesson From Wikipedia

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When trying to improve your website ranking or whether you are looking for site structure ideas for a new website, it is always good to look at what the big boys are doing.

Why do I say this? Well, the big boys (big corporations that is) run websites with several thousand pages on them. They are the 800 pound gorilla in SEO language and often you will find they have a world leading SEO Consultant working for them.

You see, these websites have the power of pages. It used to be simply a case of doing some dodgy keyword stuffing and jamming a few thousand profile links at a page would get it to rank. The game has changed. Google and the other search engines are into trust and authority in a big way. They want to provide users with the best online experience that his possible. Having lots and lots of pages of good quality content builds trust with Google in a very big way. This back catalogue of pages creates an opportunity that is only awarded to large websites. Internal linking.

Every person looking to improve their rankings online will have heard about external linking or off-page optimisation. Internal links can be just as important as you can move authority around your site internally, reinforce the theme of the website and enhance the external linking that you are doing.

A quick look at Wikipedia shows the site has over 12 million pages. Many of them have at least a dozen links on each page all connecting to other relevant pages on the site. This helps to connect the site together and makes it easy for search engines to crawl the site. Above all, it provides a great user experience as you can find exactly the information you are looking for (most of the time) with one click instead of having to run another search query in Google.

The lesson here should be obvious for those with even a moderate amount of SEO knowledge. Keep creating lots and lots pages and link them to other relevant pages using the appropriate anchor text. This will make your site easier to crawl, more powerful and provide a better experience for the user.

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