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Before you even begin to optimize your website for search, one very important must be answered. Do you have the resources available to compete? I speak with many companies about optimizing their website and all too often, that business is either unaware of what competition they are up against or they are severely under resourced for the task at hand. Let me explain both of the scenarios above.

Competition analysis

Every business should undertake a thorough assessment of their competition before starting a search engine campaign. There are 3 really basic things that I want to know about my competitors when assessing the strength of competition.

1. Age of the domain

I want to know how old the age of the domains we are competing against is. Basically, the older the competitor the harder it will be to displace them in the search rankings. The age of a domain is related to trust. If  a domain has been regularly serving results for a given keyword for a long period of time and that site is shown to be “sticky” (the users view multiple pages and hang around) then that domain will be difficult to displace. Any competitor that is more than 10 years old will be particularly difficult.

2. Amount of pages

If a competitor has thousands of pages themed tightly around a market than this will also be tough competition. They have the advantage of massive internal linking power within the site as well as a lot of trust in the eyes of the search engines.

3. Inbound links

If a competitor has lots of links coming in that are also of high quality than they too will be stiff competition. Some sites will have hundreds of thousands of links, many coming from quality sites. If this is the case than you are in for a long SEO fight.

Do you have the resources?

This is the $64,000 question. Any SEO campaign can work and beat the competition given time and resources. Many people have an unresearched idea to take down a 10 year old competitor with lots of links in a couple of months. This is unrealistic and most people won’t be prepared to put in the effort to achieve this. All campaigns need to start with attacking the low hanging fruit. This means that results can be achieved in a short amount of time on some lower competition keywords.

This is almost seen as sneak attack. The big keywords are easier to rank for when you have rankings and trust built up on the low hanging fruit. You can then redirect profits made from earlier SEO work to fund the big, long term projects. Fight the battles that you can win.

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