Pareto’s Principle For SEO

When deciding which website to rank on top of the search engines for a search term Google uses around 200 different factors. Now I must confess I have no idea whether this is true but this is common belief in the SEO industry. Google never releases their rankning criteria. 200 factors -that sounds like a lot of things to get right doesn’t it? Sure it does, the good news is that we can use Pareto’s principle for SEO.

For those who don’t know what Pareto’s principle is. It is the 80/20 rule. Everyone has heard of the 80/20 rule. It means that 20 percent of the effort gets you 80 percent of the results. 20 percent of your clients give you 80 percent of your income. It’s all coming back to you now isn’t it? I’ll show you how this applies to SEO.

By combining the case study results of every seo campaign on the planet it basically comes down to 3 factors.

1. Page Title
2. Back links
3. Page Rank

This is the 80% of SEO that makes all of the difference. If you get twice as good at these 3 factors than your competitors than you will beat someone who those 200 ranking factors well all of the time. Those 3 items listed above is what makes or breaks your campaign.

The page title is shown to have a huge bearing on search results. After all, the title tells the search engine what the page is about. Where possible, use the keyword in the page title.

Back links are really the holy grail of SEO results. Back links are votes from the web community that tell the search engines what your page is about. The more back links you can get with anchor text that is related to your keywords, the better. My favourite example is Adobe. They rank for the keyword click here even though their site is not about ‘click here.’ What is happening here? People are linking back to Adobe saying “if you want to download adobe reader CLICK HERE.” So Adobe has over 300,000,000 million links pointing to their site which is why it ranks for ‘Click Here.’ In case you were wondering, click here isn’t even in the page title. This demonstrates the power of links.

Page Rank is something widely misunderstood but basically Google assigns every web page (not site) a page rank. The rank varies between no ranking or 10. The goal is to get our pages the highest page rank possible. This is done by getting links from other high page rank sites so the power or authority can be channeled to your web page. You can also distribute page rank internally by linking pages on your site to other pages on your site.

There you have it. The 80/20 of SEO. The 20 percent that will get you 80 percent of the results.

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