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Many business owners who are bootstrapping their business or trying to reduce marketing costs are engaging in very dangerous SEO practices. When surfing the internet it is easy to find offers for cheap links back to your website. If you looked hard enough I’m sure you could find several thousand links for less than the amount of small change in your pocket.

I’m here to advise you against buying those cheap links and spending it on something that will actually add value to your life and your business. Coffee. Just kidding! You see, not all links are created equal.

Some links are valued more than others in Google’s eyes. A stand alone link, just sitting in the sidebar or footer is not as valuable one that is on the page surrounded by relevant content. A link from a spammy site that scrapes it’s content from the internet (instead of being an original site) isn’t worth as much as a link from a high authority site.

In the game of SEO, or getting links, link quality does matter. Any SEO Consultant worth his salt will tell you this. Google created a measurement called Page rank. Page rank is basically the weight assigned to a certain page. This ranges from PR 10 to PR 0. High authority sites like CNN are ranked 9, Yahoo and Google is 8. The rankings work on a geometric scale. The exact weighting is unknown but a page rank 1 is 10 times more powerful than a page rank 0. This weighting continues as you work up the scale.

Therefore, this means that you are much better having a few high page rank links then lots of low page rank links. A link from a high authority site means that your site is credible and the authority flows from page to the other. It is kind of like the captain of the football team saying that the nerd is ok. It means more coming from the football captain then all of the nerds friends.

I hope I’ve scared you off buying cheap and nasty links. Our SEO Packages contain high quality links to bring you more traffic and better rankings. Contact Nick Bielawski to discuss your unique situation.

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