Top 5 Things To Look For In A SEO Consultant

So you’re researching to find out the best internet marketing guy or seo guru to work on your business’ website. There is so many to choose from and they all seem to be offering the same thing don’t they?

Guaranteed Page 1, Guaranteed Number 1 blah blah blah. I thought I’d write this guide about things to look for in a seo consultant so you can make an informed decision. Don’t make the same mistakes that other business owners do.

1. Freelance or Big Corporation

Many people are attracted to big faceless companies with massive branded campaigns. I’m here to tell you that when it comes to your business you don’t want a company delegate advising you on your seo. You want to hire a freelance consultant who works for himself. The freelancer understands seo better because they are at the ‘rock face’ everyday and often more up to date with the latest methods than those of an seo corporation. I’m amazed at how little some of these companies actually know about seo. Many of them are using techniques that were knocked out 3-5 years ago.

2. Do they have their own websites?

I’m not talking here about the business website of the seo company. Do they actually practice what they preach? Do they have their own niche businesses that they use their own seo techniques on? Record Business Growth Consulting uses the same seo techniques on their personal niche sites as what they do on their client sites. Everything is battle tested before it gets attempted on your business.

3. Accountability

Is the consultant accountable to your result? Not by offering some bogus guarantee but have they actually looked into your business, seen how much a customer is worth to your business and then priced themselves to offer a 5 to 10 times return on investment? Many companies are happy to deliver you results but then you discover that the rankings don’t actually mean anything for you because their is no traffic or you can’t convert the visitor.

4. Do they keyword stuff?

Anytime a seo consultant wants you to place the desired keyword right throughout the page so it affects the readability for the visitor than run for the hills. This is a valid technique but it does more harm than good. Write your content for the visitor and not for the search engine. Tiny on page issues can be overcome by getting more back links to the site.

5. Do they offer a blind guarantee?

I’m constantly amused by the amount of companies that guarantee rankings for businesses. This flat out displays that they have no idea about the nature of search engines. How can you control a third party service? SEO Companies have no control over Google, Yahoo and Bing and they have no right to be guaranteeing a result on an external service. You need a seo consultant that understands this, stays cutting edge with their techniques, can adapt a campaign to suit the market conditions and offers testing and tracking of the campaign. This is a guarantee.

I hope this checklist makes sense for you. Please feel free to call Nick at Record Business Growth Consulting personally on 0410 066 868 to discuss your business. You can also download a free report “The 7 secrets to websites that sell” in the sidebar on this page.

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