Flash Destroys SEO Faster Than Flash Gordon

Flash destroys SEO

Unfortunately many web designers don’t understand SEO. This is just fact. It is easy to understand. Staying ahead of the game in design takes a lot of training and skill. There are so many different coding languages to learn that I’ve lost count.

The biggest mistake that I see web designers make is to do with the choice of flash. Flash is an Adobe multimedia platform that adds animation and interactivity to web pages and is coded in its own language. The flash heavy sites are built largely without html code that the search engines love and read.

Sites based almost entirely on flash are basically empty domains to search engines such as Google. The flash coding also greatly effects the crawlability of the site to the search engine spiders. These sites can only look good when you type in their name into the address bar as they never show up in search.

To add insult to injury, Apple – maker of the ipad and iphone do not support flash on their devices. This means that videos and animations coded with flash are not viewable on these Apple devices. This is not good for flash websites as mobile based search is set to increase by 400% over the next few years.

Before this landslide begins, now is a good time to redo any flash based site into a more standard web configuration. For the photographers out there, a picture is a picture. You don’t need animations to show a picture. For video based businesses, .mov files work just fine too.

Once you have a web friendly platform then you can start improving the SEO on the site. Then watch those spiders, then the traffic, come faster than Flash Gordon.

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