Small Business Internet Marketing

The video you are about to watch is a little “tongue in cheek.” However it highlights the way that most business owners think about small business internet marketing.

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Many business owners are still stuck in the dinosaur ages and their marketing techniques are no longer relevant to their business. Often traditional advertising is costly and far too broad and to make matters worse the businesses don’t track the results of their campaign so they have no data displaying that it doesn’t work.

People believe that the internet is massive already. It is. It is only going to get bigger. More and more people are getting computers and internet access every day. The population of the world is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Internet access has gone mobile and compact with the iphone and ipad. Wireless connections are being setup in airports, cafes, universities.

The next crop of business leaders have been exposed to computers and the internet since they were toddlers. They embrace technology and already understand the connectivity and instant nature of social media and its application to small business internet marketing.

In the recent global financial crisis the businesses that performed the best were the ones that sustained or grew their advertising and marketing spend. Tomorrow’s market leaders are already spending money on small business internet marketing and look set to catch the next online tidal wave coming their way.

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