What we can learn from Amazon

lessons from amazon

Amazon is literally changing the face of the business world at the moment. Brick and mortar book stores a closing down every where as Amazon is seen as the place to go for cheap books delivered to your door. They are even venturing in to weight loss products as they offer supplements and very competitive prices.

Today’s lesson isn’t as obvious as it seems. You’re probably thinking “sell products online” or “don’t have a physical location.” This is more a lesson in marketing and persuasion then anything else. Amazon are great at generating reviews on products. The reason why the store is so popular is they have everything you need, at a good price, delivered to your door and they have actual reviews from the product owners (the people who have willingly given the credit card details to purchase the product).

These reviews are the best type of reviews. They aren’t the one sided “glossy” reviews. They are hard hitting. They tell both sides of the story. The good, the bad and the ugly. At the end of the day, the features of the product do not matter. Buyers want to see social proof. They want to see that other people have taken the plunge before them. Buyers want to see that people have benefited from a product. The old saying is “What someone else says about you is more powerful than anything you can say about yourself.” People don’t believe in hype anymore. The world is more and more sceptical.

Transparency. This is where the internet is headed. Social interaction. If you put a product out into the market be prepared to be measured by your consumers. Be prepared for poor reviews that the whole world can see if your product isn’t up to standard.

As a service provider or product owner how can you deal with this? Listen to the crowd. Be transparent. The online sales formula used to be “Easy, Magic, Proof.” Only the last word, “proof” holds any meaning anymore. If something takes time or is hard work, be upfront about it. If enough people have already done what you want to do, the decision making process is much easier.

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