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Google’s Matt Cutts recently announced after lots of speculation that inbound links from social sites such as facebook, twitter et al are now used in the ranking algorithim of Google.

This reflects the internet’s move into the social and collaborative era where reviews and consumer opinion play a large role in the marketing of a product. Already aware of the ‘spam’ potential of such an algorithim change, Google has made so the amount of links coming from these sites actually holds little value.

On twitter in particular there are still lot of automated accounts or bots that are used to publish links and basically provide no real value to the end user.
Instead the ‘social authority’ of the link destination is used as the main ranking criteria.

So to make the most out of social media links you need links from highly credentialed tweeters or facebook friends. The quality of conversation going on around their profile is then taken into account when deciding on the strength of the link. It all sounds pretty hard to spam in my opinion.

The only way to make social links work then is to provide exceptional value and content to the community and interact at a high level. No spam tools or automated accounts. Considering outsourcing your social media broadcasts to another service provider? Forget it.

The best analogy I can give is it is like sending a mannequin to a cocktail party to bring you home a date. (*thanks Dean Hunt for that one*) They don’t, or will never have your personality. Engaging in this type of practice is quite dangerous. Especially given the speedy nature of social media.
One poor broadcast and your business reputation could be going downhill really quick.

Getting back to the topic though, would you like to know a way to get better quality social links back to your site? This isn’t a quick fix strategy but one that takes time to build. When it works, it will bring a flood of traffic and strong back links.

Here is the tip: socialize with the ‘influencers’ in your market. Select 2-3 people that are held in high regard in your market, follow them and watch what they do and attempt to engage them where possible. Whatever you do, don’t spam though. Perhaps you could create a free report or make an offer of exceptional value to the influencers subscribers.

Get them to do a social media broadcast about your product or offer and reap the benefits of targeted traffic, opt ins and links. Create something of such exceptional value that the influencer must promote the product. Remember, no spam.

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