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The search engine landscape is changing. Before the dawn of time, even before Google (hard to remember isn’t it?) the search engines served up their results based on an algorithm. This algorithm used all of the available data at the time to decide why a particular web page should rank highly. You used to be able to do some crazy things. The content on the page and the meta data was very important. It wasn’t too long before webmasters were able to game this system.

Then links became important. This was based on the university theory that all good content or research gets referenced. In the case of the internet this means links. Webmasters again, have tried to game the system by generating thousands of links at a time from dead sites in the internet wasteland.

Over the past couple of years, Google and the other search engines have gotten smarter. Depending on who you talk to, there is believed to be between 200-700 different ranking factors. Social Network activity is now factored in. Your web pages are assigned trust an authority by the amount of Facebook likes, tweets from Twitter and +1′s from Google.

Links are still a huge factor, but the content you create must be good enough to be liked and tweeted by your visitors. Most savvy webmasters are aware of this and now you see Tweet buttons and Facebook buttons accompanying many web pages. To take it that extra step further, the quality or reputation of the account that tweets or likes is also considered.

Many marketers have hundreds of Twitter accounts for the purpose of tweeting their own content. The problem is that these are marked as spam account because they have no followers or bots/automation scripts have been used to generate followers. So although a web page might get tweeted 100 times, that link won’t produce any traffic. Google is well aware of this and the social activity generated in this fashion is not factored in.

I’m sure in the not too distant future, shady activity on an unrelated network will see disqualification or penalties on different networks. Meaning that an automated account that sends links out to low quality sites will see the twitter account banned and also a de-indexing in Google. This is good news for the good guys out there. The business owners creating and distributing champagne content, will get rewarded with better rankings and more traffic.

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